New Dawn: Clan Rules

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New Dawn: Clan Rules

Post by bagstone » 28 Oct 2014, 18:37

New Dawn is a clan on the European Diablo 3 servers, bringing together people interested in competing in high-level content. To ensure that we are all on the same page and work together as a team, we have the following set of requirements to all our members:
  • Teamplay before solo. It's okay to pursue high solo rankings from time to time, but we prefer teamplayers over loners who never group up.
  • Teamspeak required. Some farming in D3 can become quite dull and boring at times, and Teamspeak helps to overcome this boredom - plus, it makes for a better atmosphere among all members and keeps everyone a bit more engaged.
  • Show interest in the game and its mechanics. We expect everyone to know the basics of the classes they're playing, so that discussions on clan chat or Teamspeak are actually interesting and insightful.
  • Playing multiple classes is required. There are times when a certain class is broken, so you won't be able to join for end-game content with that class for a while. Having a backup plan is always good. Plus, it helps you to understand what your teammates are doing.
  • We focus on season softcore but we dont mind if people play non-season.
  • Bring experience. We expect you to have reached a respectable paragon level and GR records.
  • Check this forum regularly. We use the forum to discuss builds, schedule our Greater Rift parties, and share information about stuff we found with regard to Diablo 3. If you hate forums, this clan might not be the right place for you.
"Wow, that's a lot of requirements and sounds quite harsh. So what does New Dawn have to offer?"
  • Having fun. We are dedicated and play serious when we are about to get a new ranking - but our primary goal is to have fun in the game. We'd like to have a good atmosphere among our clan members and see everyone enjoying the game.
  • Help in gearing, leveling, finding out new specs, or breaking into new classes. If you want to level up a new class and try a new spec we actively encourage that and will help you with it, as diversity can only be helpful for the clan. Plus, we are always interested in new perspectives and trying out new things.
  • Relaxed off-time policy. It is more important that you fit our clan's mindset and atmosphere than to be online 24/7. All of us have jobs and other obligations, and all of us take some time off every now and then. We won't kick you if you stop playing for a few days (barring a trial period of 2-4 weeks).
  • Friends&Family invites for our veteran members
  • Groups for farming keys/bounties, speed greaters and progress for both NS and seasons
Do you feel that this is what you're looking for? Then apply in-game or talk to us!


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